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I'm not evil, it's just good press

14 July 1973
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Welcome to the madness. I'm alternatively Sean, Herefox, or occasionally that asshole over there...pick your poison. Though I reserve the right to stab you with something pointy should you use the last. A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend.

So who am I? A fairly geeky guy, resident to the bay area who spends far too much time reading and playing online. When not reading I can generally be found playing video games, playing with fiber, painting, or drawing. Oh, I do that work thing now and then too. It almost pays the bills.

I post a lot so be warned, often about nothing in particular. I figure this is mostly for me and while I'm happy to have you along for the ride it's not guaranteed to be an e-ticket one by any means. I do at least try to entertain myself which occasionally does result in entertaining others as well, I suppose. There are also occasional art dumps for which it's mandatory to ooh and ahhh appreciatively. (well, not REALLY but comments are always appreciated. Unless they're obnoxious and unhelpful in which case see the above note about stabbing. I get to decide what's obnoxious too...I'm mean that way)

Oh, and I'm gay. While I don't yap too much about the filthier details about being so I occasionally mention kissing boys. So if you don't like the image of two hot, mostly naked guys swapping spit you might want to move along...we'll still be doing it in the back of your head probably anyway *grin*

Current Earth-Destruction Status
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