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All we know...

Been a bit again. Things are finally calming down a bit so here's a bit of a catch up post.

One of the major reasons I haven't posted for a bit is that I went on a work trip to San Antonio. It was a good trip. I fell in with a group of people from Rochester, New York that I spent most of the time when not in sessions with (Nick, Kate and Deb) Good times. Even got to go gay bar hopping one night. Amusing the one bar we actually had fun at the bartender spent much time horrifying Kate with a discussion of the hanky code.

Higlights (sort of) of the conference:
Sunday: Brunch with bottomless mimosas then taking the riverwalk taxi for the entire length of the ride, which took about three hours. It was pretty and we had a very amusing pilot who told lots of stories and offered to split her tips with us if we stayed on the boat because we kept waving at passing people and just generally being goofy. Also, Nick accidentally took a video that stars my crotch (he forgot it was recording and put the phone down...many giggles were had tracking the favorites on facebook once he posted it.)

Sunday night: They drove us 40 miles from the hotel to a ranch for the opening reception. BBQ for the food (of course). Music was WAY too loud, there were long horned cattle you could take your pictures with and fireworks. However, they pretty much kept us trapped there for the entire event and everyone I was with was twitchy after the first hour and a half. Much grumpy by the end.

Wednesday: Visit to market square before heading off to the airport. Restaurant below was there.



The above pictures were all taken on the Riverwalk. They had fountains like that interspersed along the walk ways in the main area. Most of the actual main area was restaurants...lots of places didn't have rails next to the water so I wonder how often they have to fish drunk people from the water ;-)


We were told this was a festive restaurant. I was sadly disappointed, as you can see ;-)

I'm going to cut this off and start another post regarding what I've been up to since I got back (not much) since this is kind of long with the pictures.



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Nov. 5th, 2016 06:22 pm (UTC)
Okay, the boat trip does sound like plenty of fun. ^_^

Now wait for your crotch to be offered a three movie deal. =:)

Still, if you've got to be stuck somewhere, being plied with (endless?) BBQ would be something of a consolation, especially if the burnt ends were good. =:9
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