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I am feeling extremely non-dedicated to doing work today. But I shall persevere because somewhere along the road, at least in respects to work, I have become a responsible adult. I feel this is extremely unfair, by the way.

Friday evening was amusing. The plan was to meet up with debmats in SF at the Powell st. Lush store to finish Christmas shopping. And likely to spend far too much money as that's just what happens to me in Lush. Which it did. But I digress...

Anyway, Friday here was full of rain. Much rain. Sooooo much rain (well not really but it was definitely a wet sort of day) The train was a bit late getting into the city and then I had to walk to the store, in itself an adventure as I'd forgot to, y'know, check the directions to the store because I'd been there before, right! Three years or so ago anyway. So I got myself utterly turned around and have never been so glad to have a smart phone with web so that I didn't have to trundle around the very damp, crowded San Francisco streets like a ratty fox zombie that instead of "brains" moaned "Lush"

I can retain some dignity at least. The most amusing part of being turned around was that if I hadn't second guessed myself I would have arrived at my destination with the first way I went. For I am full of awesome that way.

In any case, I made it to the very small Lush store where I amazingly did not knock anything over or brain anyone with my backpack while making my selections. Where, as I noted, I spent too much money. But that was done and I even got my free 'sucker' gift for spending too much. And then we were off to the ferry back to alameda as we were going to the Dicken's faire the next morning. And because, well, I'm me and Deb isn't always wise enough to realize this we walked about a mile. In the rain. With bags full of bath products designed to fizz, erupt into suds or otherwise react to the presence of water. Paper bags.

I'm sure you all can see where this is going, can't you?

So we about a quarter of the way there I realized that just holding the bags (I had carried Deb's as well as I was the only one with an umbrella) were still getting wet despite my doing my best to hold them close to my chest so I actually lowered my umbrella and held it over and in front of them like a shield. I'm sure I looked very fierce approaching with my umbrella shield, the hood on over my head dripping and running down into my face highlighting my blazing eyes and that's why pedestrians scrambled out out of my way. Not because they worried I was crazy. I think. (No pedestrians were harmed in the writing of this post.)

Halfway there one of the bags split but nothing fell out. We scrambled over to an overhang at a bank and I frantically shoved what would fit in my backpack, slipping just one more thing in the other bag. Success! Savior of the bath products was I!

Three quarters of the way there the other bag split. One truly revolutionary bath bomb shot to freedom screaming, "Vive la revolution!" as it make a truly magnificent suicide run into a puddle while it's contemporaries cheered for it's act of daring. It was, however, reclaimed by the intrepid debmats while I held the others prisoner. I suspect I shall be forever more reviled in bath product circles as an oppressor but one does what one has to and the miscreant was rescued with only minimal damage leaving us trundling on to the ferry leaving a slightly more fragrant puddle in our wake.

The rest of the evening was mostly uneventful..I created a sling for the torn bag of products of my hoodie, sacrifices must be made and all and we made it to the ferry and to Alameda unscathed where there was yummy indian food. And wet feet. But mostly yummy indian food.

This is getting long so the rest will be under a cut.
The next morning we collected a small little wanna be princess, Deb's niece, and headed off to faire. There was supposed to be a nephew as well but due to school stuff his debut as a street urchin had to be delayed.

The faire was good, I finally replaced the nightlight in the bathroom that my roommate had broken. There was tea and an amusing interlude where I was first assumed to be working at the faire and then supposedly recognized by a fairly charming guy. We, however, couldn't place any cons that we might have attended together although it occured to me later that possibly world con could have come into play. Then debmats was nice enough to drop me off at home as I had mountains of laundry to conquer.

The rest of the weekend was okay. I was grumpy and vacationing in the realm of "shut up or I'll stab you" so I mostly avoided my roommates for their safety. And now, work again. Approximately 4 days left till winter closure (Wed is a half day due to holiday party-ness) And today I shall have to adjourn to the post orifice to mail holiday cheer, good will to men and all that stuff to selected awesome people.

How's everyone out there in lj land?
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