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Here little waiter, do you want some candy..?

Weekends go by way too fast. Mine was spent mostly up visiting the more northernly parts of the east bay to help celebrate lilacfairy's birthday. So up I went Friday evening, where there were many plantains. And cute waiters that come over to our table just as I'm trying something off of debmats plate which resulted in the following conversation.

Waiter: "How'"

Deb and I look up where the waiter is staring at my plate.

Waiter: "I was coming to ask how dinner is but I suppose I should say was."

Where upon I dissolved into giggles because it had been a workout day thus I'd had no lunch. And sort of inhaled my ropa vieja. I kept giggling off and on for at least ten minutes. I wanted to take him home with us but debmats frowns on pets.

The next morning was brunch with lilacfairy and then bookstores which I managed to amazingly escape from with only two (used and cheap) books. I win at life. Or something like that anyway.

The rest of the weekend was spent drawing and playing WAY too many hours of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed because it irritated me and I needed to get revenge.

Lets see if I can keep a list going this year instead of fizzling out in Feb like I did last year. Although I know I've already forgotten a few.

The House with a Clock in it's walls John Bellairs
The Figure in the Shadows John Bellairs
The Letter, the Witch, and the Ring John Bellairs
The Stepsister Scheme Jim C. Hines
Elantris Brandon Sanderson

I'm sure there's at least three I'm forgetting at the moment, at least, but it's a start. I actually haven't been reading as much as usual due to incessant art-ing.
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