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Another weekend has come and gone resulting in...nothing much really. I'm definitely more fried that I am willing to admit to even myself. I spent most of the weekend playing puzzle quest marvel superheros and reading instead of doing things like, I don't know, laundry.

I did get most of the way through cleaning the storage unit in the process finding many, many comics that I'd forgotten about that were mostly in astonishingly good shape given they've been in a non-weather/vermin protected bowling bag for approximately eleventy-mumble years (I think it may even be perilously close to voting age, honestly) So they have been rehomed into a bit that actually seals and the temptation to go through them and read bits and pieces is high, though that requires finding space in my room for them instead of storage so...we shall see.

Other than that bike boy turned us down citing the room being small. He's been sufficiently high maintenance that I can't find it in myself to be too disappointed though I'm very tired of looking for a roommate and wincing at the additional expense for my roommate and I (Mostly my roommate, he's been very nice about covering the extra rent but it's not terribly fair to him. Need to figure out something awesome to do for him. We have another person coming tonight though I don't have terribly high hopes for him as he mentioned he's a barrista and...y'know, expensive. We'll see though. The search will have to be put on hold for a bit after him if he doesn't fit/take it because my roommate is going to New York for a week starting Wednesday.

I'm pondering going to a happy hour hosted by the gay and lesbian staff group this Wednesday myself. I've never gone and I don't know anybody so the idea is vaguely terrifying but I'm also in a rut with not meeting new people and think it would be nice to possibly meet someone interesting. Which, I doubt, but you never know. Perhaps more on that later.

And now, on to the fun bit. Part two of the birthday trip. I shall put it behind a cut because I've already babbled incessantly and it's going to be full of far more babble, I'm sure.

Puzzle huntCollapse )

Leaving it here for the moment as I have a meeting to go to in a minute. I'll try and wrap it up sometime today if I can.
So I've been wanting to post something longer for a couple of weeks now but my work deadline was definitely interfering (there were a number of 10-12 hour days in there. Granted I was working from home a lot more than is typical, which was nice, but I'm still pretty burnt out on the other side of the deadline (though not really on the other side of the deadline, more on that in a bit))

I just realized I nested parenthesis which I don't think is valid english but it amuses me so I'll let it stay.

So what's been going on aside from boring work deadlines?

Still haven't found a roommate. The bike guy has been given a "we need an answer by today" e-mail so there's still a possibility there though he's beginning to feel extremely high maintenance so I'm not sure how I really feel about him. However, the hope of getting someone in so that my roommate isn't covering yet another month of rent is minimal this late in the month if he doesn't take it.

But in better news, despite having to cancel my day off for my birthday and the Monday after a very good time was had on the southern Californian Disney and puzzle hunt adventure. I shall put this part behind a cut as I suspect it is likely to be long.

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I'm actually going to stop here for the moment as this is getting rather long and the puzzle hunt part promises to be even longer. I want to post before going to lunch as my luck the computer would crash and I'd lose everything I've already written :-)
Brief update.

Just had another roommate turn us down. Uncle died. Work sucks.

Anyone have a bed I can hide under?
Last night, exhausted from work, allergies and the fact that I'm not sure there's not been a single week in the last month where there wasn't horrible news about more people being shot I was playing a game where I make little dwarves dance to my will. As one does when they feel the need to pretend to be a benevolent god. Then my phone rang.

Looking at it I was unnerved to see it was from my mom's phone...now, mom doesn't call me. She never calls me. On major holidays and my birthday I have to call my mom instead of her calling me (incidentally she gets sad/upset if I don't call on those days without a prior excuse about why I can't call on my birthday. Mom...bit of a martyr complex as much as I love her ;-)

So she only calls when there's bad news.

Which there was. One of my uncles had fallen and hit his head. His wife, my favorite aunt growing up though we've drifted quite a bit apart these days, had been for the last few years working in San Jose while maintaining an apartment in Gilroy where my uncle was staying (he was a shut in who hadn't worked in years...the last time I visited them I saw neither hide nor hair of him for the six hours that I was at their house)

This meant he wasn't found for quite some time, had bleeding in his brain and, while in the hospital, is presumed to be only supported on life support now and even if he survives the removal of said support, likely to have sustained major brain damage.

So that happened. Apparently the police were very rude and unpleasant to my aunt about why she wasn't there when he fell. Because people don't need to, you know, work and stuff.

Anyway, I'm sad but not devastated by this although perhaps it will hit me later and I'll be more upset. In some ways it may be something that actually makes my aunt's life easier (which I sort of feel horrible for saying but it's how I feel a bit)

Today walking into work one of my colleagues, as the first thing she said to me, commented that I looked exhausted. Yes. Yes I am. I could greatly use time where I didn't have a single thing to worry about. This does not, however, appear to be on the horizon anytime soon.

In other news we have two more roommate interviews this evening after which I hope that we will be able to make a decision/secure someone to pay the third of the rent that I can't afford to really help pay.

Stop the world, I want to get off

Actually it's not as bad as all that but I couldn't think of anything wittier.

Once again a long absence from posting. This time it's 99% to blame on work as I have a huge deadline I'm in the midst of (Long story short. We usually budget sponsored research across the whole school but this year they asked me to do it across the departments instead. This increased the amount of work by a factor of 12. And no that's not an exaggeration. Also we're doing the new process in a brand new system that still has bugs in it. My life is fun right now)

However I'm seizing the moment to write because A) I love you all and B) I got to a point where I need to start digging into the budgets in more detail and I figured that milestone lets me take a tiny bit of a break, especially as I have to leave early for book club tonight (Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor)

So you get my babbling for a bit.

We still haven't found a roommate. There are two sort of on the hook right now (and one that's being flaky) but one would be decided on the basis of only a phone call as he's moving up from San Diego to work at Stanford. He is also a straight non-furry so I can see it being a bit fraught possibly.

The other my roommate may be meeting tonight in my absence. Given that he kind of liked the guy that horrified me by, while we were sitting at the dining room table discussing the room and complex, got up and started going through the kitchen cabinets, taking stuff out and commenting about the contents. I was fairly sure if we'd let him move in he'd have done the same thing with our bedrooms! So this meeting without me may not be the best idea but what can you do?

The flaky one we both liked but he's in limbo with not being sure if he'll land a job in SF or down our way. So it's fairly understandable why he might not want to commit to one or the other.

In other news...well, there really isn't any other news. I am fried. Very, very fried. I do have a short vacation for a trip to southern California with friends to do a puzzle hunt (my roommate designs them as a job/hobby and is tailoring this one to us) So that will be fun but it's right before my deadline is actually, you know, due, so that's a bit stressful too.

I stop being the answer to life, the universe and everything a week from tomorrow.

First drawing I've finished in a long time

Half tempted to try painting this in gray scale with just light tints in places because I always like when people do that with photographs.

The scan isn't that great, getting a shadow on the page but my scanner is sort of balanced on the bed right now rather than being on a flat surface due to tv drama and rearranging stuff. Still, it turned out not so bad, I suppose. I find I've been not wanting to draw animals that much as late. I'm sure that will pass soon.



Trying to be much better about posting (though I haven't had a chance to catch up with READING this week) It helps if I have a picture or something I want to post which is why you've been getting inundated by them lately.

The weekend was pretty good. I actually took Friday off as I wasn't feeling very well so by the time Saturday rolled around I felt up to actually getting some stuff done. Which was good as my brand new, shiny, new handmade coffee table was due to arrive. Which it did.

For those playing at home, a somewhat sad picture of it.

New coffee table

Hand made redwood all from the same tree. It raises and lowers so it can be used as a sideboard and it also can be folded up and moved out of the way should we need the space free. Very happy with it.

Also on Saturday my friend Kurt stopped by so there were mimosas, games and cooking shows. Good day.

Sunday I took it a bit easy other than doing laundry since I had done a great deal the day before.

Work doom approaches in the sense of the budgeting process starting up soon (technically it HAS started but I can't do anything yet) It's new this year and a lot more work so it will remain to be seen how insane I am by the end of it.

Did not go running during lunch or before work today. Fail. I need to start doing that again. Instead, however, I baked the following lemon handheld fruit pies a la hostess (I didn't frost them though. Started to but then decided to see how they are without)

Homemade lemon fruit pies

Other than that I'm in a better head space about some things than I have been in a long time. Other things remain screwed up but one thing at a time, right? ;-)

Oh, and in case you're wondering, no movement on the roommate situation yet.


The only problem....

With telecommuting is that typically I start my Tuesday night dinner during the work day. Means I can make more complicated things and sometimes make dessert. However....I have to smell things cooking all day.

Tonight's dinner is a roasted garlic and caramelized tomato sauce with zucchini, red pepper and crumbled chicken parmesan sausage served with a green salad and garlic bread. The sauce has been cooking since about 1 today and the garlic was before that.

My stomach has been growling for the last hour. Also there's an open bottle of wine that was used in the sauce just sitting there tempting me when work stupid happens ;-)


A rare weekend post

Mostly to say; and....the paperbacks are done. Still so much to do around the house but at least the two most daunting things are done.

About two tote bags of books that I shall sadly donate to the rest of the world. Most of the books aren't bad, they're just things that I don't see myself rereading. It's still sad sometimes because there are occasionally books I've had for almost thirty years.

There's much cleaning left to be done. Yesterday was an entire wash as I played video games pretty much all day. And finished season one of Lucifer, which...fucking cliffhangers (in a good way)

My new coffee table should be arriving next week! Very excited. Pictures, of course, shall be forthcoming. It's far more my style than the one my roommate had even though his was quite nice. I picked up the best coasters ever as well...

Otherwise a quiet evening. I really should go running but given how bad my allergies were most of the week I'm also wanting to limit my exposure to, you know, outside so we'll see.

Sorry for the picture heavy post. There were many things that amused me. I'm hoping in between other things that I'll find the energy to finish up the drawing I'm working on this weekend.

Once again

It has been ages since I posted. It's not really intentional, I had a bunch of things I wanted to talk about but life being what it is I never got around to it. Highlights as follows:

Went to New Mexico to visit family: It was a fairly good visit, a little slow. Made a tour of
Craft breweries in the area off and on because it was something to do. Made a few good discoveries

Went to Reno for Biggest little fur con. Had fun. Lost money gambling as one does, saw awesome
Jazz concerts by Reveille and the Swinging Tails. Ate too much food. Drank too much but never
got really drunk, failed at giving away ALL the cookies (browned butter sea salt and oatmeal
cranberry. I think the main reason is that they didn't pair well with beer *grin*)

Found out one of my roommates is moving out.

This last was the main reason I hadn't posted. It took a while for my roommate to tell my OTHER roommate and I didn't want to blab it all over the internet and have him find out accidentally. There was no real reason that it took so long, it's just that the roommate needing to be told is having a shit time at work lately and is never home and it's the sort of thing that you probably shouldn't do via text message if you can help it.

Long and short is that my roommate bought a house and, rightly, would like to actually live in said house. He'd actually mentioned he was looking but from what I knew of the real estate market in the
area I expected this take months and months (to be fair, I think he did too) It took about two.

So good for him and all that, he gave me enough notice of his looking that I wasn't mad (unlike the last roommate that did this. HIM it took me ages to forgive)

Anyway...we are (sort of) currently looking for a replacement. As of last night he's staying through June so it's a little less time critical that one may have thought. Which is good because it's involving much furniture swapping and organizing of things and these things take time. And given that neither of the others are home much a lot of what needs to be done is sort of falling to me. As these things tend to do (I think it's because I'm the one that CARES about them half of the time)

And that's my life at the moment. In the realm of good news my brother went to the doctor for the first time in twenty or so years and, surprising no one, was diagnosed with moderate to severe depression and given medication. Which, in shocking news, he's actually going to take. He'd always said he'd never take this sort of thing. Keep your fingers crossed that he will do so and he gets lucky with the med fairies and they line up with the one he was prescribed. He also had a host of other things that they told him, they're checking into his persistent stomach issues and he's annoyed about being over 200 pounds and actually mentioned, unprompted, about going to the gym with my mom.

I'm expecting that soon little leprechauns will be showing up accusing me of stealing their lucky charms given how likely any of that stuff is. Here's hoping he follows through!

And that, as they say, is that! I had lots of pictures of food to show y'all but they're not really relevant at the moment. Have pictures of my new organized hardcovers instead (I wished I'd taken a before pic)
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