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The (Monster) Movie in my mind

I had a dream twice tonight about two large snakes, one a king cobra and one a very large asp, fighting in the backyard of the house I grew up in.

The first dream I mostly thought this was cool but the second time I had it we had a dog and I was trying to keep her from going outside and getting bitten. And then my mom decided to go poke at the doggy door and caught the attention of one of them which was about to come in when I woke up.

The last was patently ridiculous as my mom is terrified of snakes to the point of once she beheaded a six inch garter snake with a hoe because she was scared of it.

While this was impressive since who knew I was the son of Momnan the barbarian, I don't think she'd have been in any way, shape or form, be soliciting attention from a three foot snake.
I'm sure there are very Jungian meanings to this (I'd say Freudian but I'm pretty sure I know what Freud would assume snakes represent and I'm not at all scared of penis :-P) Likely it means I shouldn't have had that roasted garlic and pepperoni pizza for dinner. Or possibly that my subconscious is more worried about a certain inauguration happening today.

I still need to post about FC but given the second time I had the dream it woke me up and I seem to have acquired a sore throat over night I am going to finish this post, e-mail work that I'm not coming in because A) sore throat (though it may just be allergies) and B) We are currently having severe thunderstorm warnings and it's coming down like I should build an ark. I love walking in the rain and I'm enjoying the storm but possibly having a cold is not the time to be doing my Final Fantasy X impression by dodging lightning bolts. Especially since I won't acquire a cute but deadly plushy at the end of it.

Pondering joining the mass migration to dreamwidth but there are some very dear people here that I'd be worried about losing touch with if I did. Of course there are some very dear people I'm probably losing touch with if I don't too. Dilemmas.

Okay, e-mail to work and then back to bed.


Jan. 23rd, 2017 10:10 pm (UTC)
Many people I know are leaving lj because of the servers having been moved to Russia (at least I gather that's the reason...it's the one I heard anyway)
Jan. 25th, 2017 12:17 am (UTC)
Must be a political statement, since LJ has been owned by Russia for several years now. I've considered it myself, but not sure where to go or the pain it would be to move over!



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