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Fairy land

My morning walk in today was rather like being in a fairy tale.
The walk through the enchanted forest:
Walk to work. It felt fairytale-ish this morning

To the wizard's tower:
Wizard's tower

Though I don't actually walk anywhere near the tower to get to work. The clouds were just cool.

It has, once again, been eleventy billion years since I posted. I think the problem is that I feel like I should post tons about what's going on then I get overwhelmed at the time it will take and never post at all.

So things that have been going on:
Just finished the winter break. It was mostly restful at least until Vegas anyway, which is a city designed to be the opposite of restful.

I did have a small christmas eve get together where I did not make small food choices. I made a kale, cranberry and sweet potato salad (surprisingly tasty though I think I'd have like to have broke up the kale with another green. I know it's trendy but I get tired of it), coq au vin, homemade pasta (only because I got the mixer attachements to make it from a lovely friend for Christmas and wanted to try them out), french onion soup and a lemon meringue pie.

I had a better time this year in Vegas than last year for New Years though there was one unfortunate fight with a friend about rooms that was frustrating but could have been worked out. All ended well though.

I did end up with a bit of a stomach flu on the day I was leaving, however, and having a stomach issue and needing to deal with a plane is not a fun place to be in. It was uneventful though and I managed to bum a ride from the same friend I had a fight with home so i didn't have to do the hour and change commute I would have had to do on my way home if I'd done it as originally planned. Promptly slept for fourteen hours.

I could have done without the last day before going back to work to be sick though it was admittedly a fairly mild version of stomach flu. Mostly consisted of being blargh and not even wanting to contemplate eating rather than reenactments of the pea soup exorcist scene, which is what it was the last time I had it.

Still wasn't feeling too hot yesterday but made it the whole day. Today, not too bad but still doing JUST fine on one granola bar and two jolly ranchers. Though I may just say to hell with it and get nachoes on the way home.

Other than that, FC is next week which means it's even closer than usual to the winter closure. Should be fun.

More importantly I'm going to be doing a speaking engagement with my boss at a conference in April. The conference will be in Hawaii. So yay? (aka yay for Hawaii, ? for why did I suggest doing this for the speaking thing)

Anyway, I'll try to be better about posting but I always say that, don't I?


Jan. 6th, 2017 11:33 pm (UTC)
This time of year, since I'm off work a lot, I tend to not keep up with lj and then I do a binge right around now to check what I missed. Lj is by far and large a reading at work thing is part of it.

I like kale I just get tired of it in large doses. And when every veggie box I get tries to include it I get pretty surely. There are other greens in the world ;-) The salad wasn't really a potato salad though, it had a vinaigrette dressing. It was kale diced moderately finely with lightly roasted sweet potatoes and cranberries. It was pretty yummy it just would have been preferable if it had been half kale half another green.

I actually love Vegas. It's the raven in me. There are so many shiny things there. It is a very tiring town though. I think it also appeals to me that A) by and large it's cheap to visit and B) there's no pesky needing car parts of it. Which since I dont' have a license is pretty nice.

Haven't been to Paw. I'd rather do Halloween-y things than go to a furry con.

It's a picture of Hoover tower on campus. To my knowledge there's no actual offices in it, it's just an observation tower on it (If you think about it a tower is kind of a goofy place anyway, there's not a lot of interior in most of the ways they're depicted) It is vaguely related to the Hoover institute which is mostly a renowned think tank-y place.



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