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Spinning my wheels this morning

Not really getting traction on the whole work thing but I'm here and attempting to at least be pretty at my desk even if I'm not being particularly effective. Meetings begin in an hour and go for pretty much the rest of the day which is probably why I'm having a hard time focusing.

So I'm writing here instead. Aren't you lucky? ;-)

I am, hopefully, coming a bit out of a slump I've been in for what feels like forever...at least I managed to do some fairly major organizing in my bedroom this weekend, which is usually a sign that I am back with the coping...I always manage to stay ahead of the public areas, at least to some extent, because I'm used to having roommates that aren't really good with the cleaning to my standards but my room slides more and more into hell pit when I'm worn out or feeling down. For instance, my dresser had been broken for about a month and a half now and, other than removing the drawer, which was fairly difficult just because it had fallen off the rail, the fix took all of five minutes. And I knew it would when it broke in the first place. But I was vacationing in the land of not coping all the same.

There remains still a great deal to do since this most recently series of overwork and general blahs has been so long but there's at least a start.

I also started thinking twitchily about painting something which is an even better sign, honestly.

The rest of the weekend was pretty good though I missed the final Frolic party at The Stud because I'd already made other plans when they announced it would be the last. I hope they find another home soon because it's my one big social event...I love my friends but as half of them are scattered across the bay area and difficult to pin down to hang out it's good to have another outlet.

The plans that I did have, though, were something I had never done before-The Halloween Haunt at Great America.

I had a good time (and incidentally have a season pass now so I should try to go at least once or twice more) The new Mass Effect themed ride was pretty nifty.

I had apparently pulled a muscle doing push ups earlier in the day so some of the safety harnesses on the rollercoasters were unpleasantly painful.

The haunt itself was interesting. They had several mazes that you could go through (read: Haunted Houses) Most of them were amusing though not particularly scary. The Toy Factory was...not okay, scary dolls are scary. The corn maze was also moderately terrifying but it was mostly due to over use of fog machines. When you KNOW there are people in there meant to jump out at you and you can only see about a foot in front of you it's a bit nerve wracking.

So that was fun and full of bad food as these things usually are. I, amazingly, did not get sun burnt, largely by setting an annoying alarm on my phone to go off every 90 minutes to reapply.

Did get very wet on both the rapids ride (which we rode twice right when we got there.) Someone was basically the Hawkeye of the quarter water jets and nailed us. Eventually dried off only to go on the log ride. Btw, if you ever get into the log ride and the boat is already full of water? Just accept the fact you're going to get soaked.

Anyway, hope everyone is doing all awesome-ly and stuff.


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Oct. 11th, 2016 01:41 pm (UTC)
Mmm, procrastination under stress/depression is a very real phenomenon. Instances like that are all the more amusing in hindsight, for the kind of reason you indicate - dealing with some issue can so often be quite trivial. Pesky organic brains.

I'm still a little puzzled as to why Frolic's moving, given The Stud's clear they want to the event to remain, and are intending to stay put, regardless of the ownership turmoil, and they seem well positioned to make that happen. Still, so it goes. On the one paw, it would've been fun to get along, but on the other, I'd've been puffing and sweating after minutes. ^_^; Blagh, it's going to be a long path back to being anything remotely in shape.

I've still yet to go to Great America. ^_^; Indeed, it's been positively years since I last enjoyed any 'coaster at all. I ought to pick up some kind of coat (given the weather hereabouts has taken a distinctly autumnal twist) and set about remedying that..

I don't think I'd really want to go into the corn maze - I'm not a fan of that kind of "surprise!" shock, RL or on film.

Hm. Do any photos exist of the drenched fox? =:)
Oct. 11th, 2016 06:32 pm (UTC)
It's the biggest symptom for me that I'm not up to snuff...as soon as I'm not doing art, or keeping ahead of clutter in my room and just playing video games it means something's off. Thankfully I never get really bad but it can be pretty frustrating to fight through one way or another.

I'm puzzled by that too. I can understand why they might want to find another venue, as sad as it makes me to leave but why not continue at the stud until they do? I'm guessing there might be some paperwork or something that they'd have sign to commit to a certain time and they didn't want to be locked in like that? Only thing I can think of.

I hadn't gone in years. When my friend's niece and nephew were younger we'd go a few times a year so I always had a season pass but this was the first time in ages. It's fun though it's harder to do an all day thing like I used to as a teenager because it feels like there's less to do?

There wasn't actually MUCH jumping out at you in the maze...probably for the same reason I found it creepy. They're not supposed to touch the guests and it would be hard not to if you can't see. Though just looming out of the fog would work to make me squeak *laugh* It was pretty cool in a 'waiting to die' way. I kind of wanted to go "Jooooooohnnnnyy. Is that you?"

Nope. Neither my friend or I are terribly good at remembering to take pictures of things. The only picture I remember taking was of one of the trees that they had lit up rather prettily.
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