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Aug. 2nd, 2016

We (95% sure) have a roommate!

He's said he's moving in but until the papers are signed I'm still a little twitchy. He is, unfortunately both straight and very young. Not that the straight part is a problem (obviously since we offered the room to him!) but it does mean some of the occasional shenanigans involving playing dance games in underwear and stuff may be awkward for him. These things don't happen often but they do happen. So we'll see how that goes. I suspect the more likely amusement factor would be that he has a girlfriend and she could conceivable walk in on such things *laugh*

The young is...not unexpected since only someone without a lot of stuff would take the room. I was originally assuming that we wouldn't go with him because he'd said in his original e-mail that he was a barrista and planning on going back to school-neither of these things are reassuring when it comes to rents in Mountain View. However his dad came with him for the first part of the interview and mentioned that in shortfalls he would be covering the bills and that we shouldn't worry about that (I assume dad wants his son to be OUT so he can live again *laugh*)

But really, what one me over was the first thing he said after greeting us was "You have a lot of books!" in a tone that made it sound like this was a virtual wonderland to live in. I highly approve of such attitudes, as you might imagine ;-)

So, for the never ending birthday weekend post, part 3

After the alphabet puzzle we went off to a park to solve mini puzzles. I didn't do so well here having got a monopoly one that I took far too seriously...I suspect I would have done better with another puzzle.

I THINK I'm forgetting a puzzle here or getting something out of order. Perils of not writing this up immediately. In any case the next thing I'm sure that happened in order was lunch at a wing place and additional mini puzzles. This time there was one specifically aimed at me though I didn't actually solve it entirely...more on that in a bit. It involved a series of musical and who the PM had seen them with. I did chase my tail on this one a bit at the beginning based on not reading carefully but that was also because I was making sure we got a table and such.

I also ran into a problem where I didn't ALWAYS know who the PM had seen a show with and other people were buried in their own puzzles. In any case, I got stuck at the very end because I didn't understand the clue I unearthed until someone piped up "We need something Joey" which I immediately answered Pal Joey, a show I know about but have never seen.

Lunch was admittedly a bit hurried as we had an appointment at a room escape! I've been wanting to try one of these forever and, amusingly, one of our friends that was puzzle solving had asked on the same day we were leaving if anyone would eventually be interested in doing one of these so this was a very awesome surprised (also I was happy that the PM got to participate in something instead of just sitting there twitching that we were going in the wrong direction *grin*

Sadly I have a lunch thing to go to now so the escape room and the rest of the day shall have to wait. If nothing else this is inspiring me to write more on lj than I have in ages!


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Aug. 6th, 2016 04:37 am (UTC)
Years ago, I helped a friend of mine – who owns many books – move to larger quarters. A little kid from the building, perhaps ten years old or so, watched us carry box after box of books down the stairs. "All those books!" he said in wonder, "Is she a _teacher_ or something?" Because, of course, who else would own so many books, right?
Aug. 6th, 2016 06:13 pm (UTC)
I hope you have 100% certainty of the roommate, and that you prove to be mutually compatible. And that he's prompt in paying his share.

(Full disclosure: SO GLAD that I have a house and don't need a roommate to help pay the bills. I'd probably be a bad roommate: I'd be completely responsible about paying my share and keeping the place clean, but I Want To Be Alone, thankyouverymuch.)
Aug. 7th, 2016 04:20 am (UTC)
He is, unfortunately both straight and very young.

Why am I getting RHPS songs flowing through my mind right now..

Pal Joey

~blink~ Nope, not getting it. =:/

Oo, a RL room escape? Cool beans! If you're up for an iPad equivalent, you ought to try The Room and its sequels (2 & 3) - beautifully realised, and very well designed, rarely being impossible, mostly quite logical. (And there are cheat sheets if you need)
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