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A couple of photos

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A photo of a tree at the Halloween Haunt. I liked the way it looked with the lighting

This is a picture I mentioned a few months ago when we did the big photo hunt. We finally got a copy! This is the puzzle group with Tippi Hedren! Who was quite charming btw.
From the left:
Holden, Kiwa, Ian, Tippi, Ryan, me, David and Bill.

Spinning my wheels this morning

Not really getting traction on the whole work thing but I'm here and attempting to at least be pretty at my desk even if I'm not being particularly effective. Meetings begin in an hour and go for pretty much the rest of the day which is probably why I'm having a hard time focusing.

So I'm writing here instead. Aren't you lucky? ;-)

I am, hopefully, coming a bit out of a slump I've been in for what feels like forever...at least I managed to do some fairly major organizing in my bedroom this weekend, which is usually a sign that I am back with the coping...I always manage to stay ahead of the public areas, at least to some extent, because I'm used to having roommates that aren't really good with the cleaning to my standards but my room slides more and more into hell pit when I'm worn out or feeling down. For instance, my dresser had been broken for about a month and a half now and, other than removing the drawer, which was fairly difficult just because it had fallen off the rail, the fix took all of five minutes. And I knew it would when it broke in the first place. But I was vacationing in the land of not coping all the same.

There remains still a great deal to do since this most recently series of overwork and general blahs has been so long but there's at least a start.

I also started thinking twitchily about painting something which is an even better sign, honestly.

The rest of the weekend was pretty good though I missed the final Frolic party at The Stud because I'd already made other plans when they announced it would be the last. I hope they find another home soon because it's my one big social event...I love my friends but as half of them are scattered across the bay area and difficult to pin down to hang out it's good to have another outlet.

The plans that I did have, though, were something I had never done before-The Halloween Haunt at Great America.

I had a good time (and incidentally have a season pass now so I should try to go at least once or twice more) The new Mass Effect themed ride was pretty nifty.

I had apparently pulled a muscle doing push ups earlier in the day so some of the safety harnesses on the rollercoasters were unpleasantly painful.

The haunt itself was interesting. They had several mazes that you could go through (read: Haunted Houses) Most of them were amusing though not particularly scary. The Toy Factory was...not okay, scary dolls are scary. The corn maze was also moderately terrifying but it was mostly due to over use of fog machines. When you KNOW there are people in there meant to jump out at you and you can only see about a foot in front of you it's a bit nerve wracking.

So that was fun and full of bad food as these things usually are. I, amazingly, did not get sun burnt, largely by setting an annoying alarm on my phone to go off every 90 minutes to reapply.

Did get very wet on both the rapids ride (which we rode twice right when we got there.) Someone was basically the Hawkeye of the quarter water jets and nailed us. Eventually dried off only to go on the log ride. Btw, if you ever get into the log ride and the boat is already full of water? Just accept the fact you're going to get soaked.

Anyway, hope everyone is doing all awesome-ly and stuff.

I know, I suck.

I haven't posted in ages. This is almost entirely due to work (and being a little draggy/down lately for no discernible reason other than I kind of hate summer and work is still attempting to kill me.

Anyway, this work thing isn't likely to let up for the next two months or so...expect me to be scarce. I'm still trying to keep up with reading though.

Word of advice: While feeling needed is nice and all, allowing yourself to become the single point of failure in several very important processes? This way lies madness and the need to spend almost ten hours yesterday pretending I'm Deadpool and beating people up because I can't brain well enough to do anything else (admittedly this may have been partially because A) it was hot and B) I'd been to renfaire the day before and more than my share of alcohol was consumed)

As these things go...

Yesterday I went to see The New Mikado with my roommate (It's de-Japanese'd so that the problematic bits of it are mostly non-existent). It was pretty amusing. However, having had approximately three hours of sleep due to going to frolic (Had fun, left kind of early, danced a fair amount, was hit on about five minutes after walking in so slightly good for my ego though the guy in question was a social butterfly and promptly disappeared for the rest of the evening...which was fine)

Anyway, so the theater was hot, the overture very long and I started dozing off a bit in the first act, at least enough to have one of those quick dreams that one sometimes gets...or at least I do.

One of them was dreaming that I'd left a stove burner on and I needed to go home right now and turn it off.

I hadn't cooked anything that morning so I knew it wasn't true but I still had a nagging feeling that the stove was on.

Anyway, later...by the time I got home the feeling was gone and the stove was demonstratively NOT on so I probably would have forgotten it entirely. Except later I made a quesadilla with the stove, went in my room and ate it. Went back to wash the plate and noticed the stove seemed quite warm. Checked the burner. It was off. Splashed water on the burner. Immediate steam. Fiddled with the knob a bit. Couldn't get it to turn off even though the light wasn't staying on when the knob was in the off position. Finally ended up putting on an oven mitt and pulling the heating element out so that I could submit a fix request.

Anyway, one of those random coincidences/psychic flashes I guess. And an actually useful one though, dear universe, lottery numbers would be even better? Just in case you're wanting to help out again.

Very glad nothing awful happened as that could have been bad.

I don't think I posted last week. Did another room escape, this one was "The kingdom of cats" Nice to not have something so gritty, mostly it was puzzles instead of find the key. Highly enjoyed even though we just barely made it out because they gave us extra time

Other than that, new roommate moved in on Monday. He seems to be working out thus far. He's had a bit of relationship drama in the last week but he's not being unpleasant about it so I'm pretty impressed even if he's 19. Still need to have the chat with him about chores in the near future so we have some division of labor.

Okay, off to a meeting. The first of many today, I fear.

Just desserts

Lavender blueberry mousse for dessert tonight. I wanted to do rose blueberry but the thought didn't occur to me till too late to get rosewater.

The rest of the menu is:
Green salad
Chicken rolls stuffed with mushrooms, leeks, rosemary, lemon and monterey jack cheese in a madeira sauce
Roasted garlic mashed potatoes
Roasted broccoli.

ETA If I ever do make this with rose instead of lavender I should see if I can find some rose petals to candy as a garnish.


Aug. 2nd, 2016

We (95% sure) have a roommate!

He's said he's moving in but until the papers are signed I'm still a little twitchy. He is, unfortunately both straight and very young. Not that the straight part is a problem (obviously since we offered the room to him!) but it does mean some of the occasional shenanigans involving playing dance games in underwear and stuff may be awkward for him. These things don't happen often but they do happen. So we'll see how that goes. I suspect the more likely amusement factor would be that he has a girlfriend and she could conceivable walk in on such things *laugh*

The young is...not unexpected since only someone without a lot of stuff would take the room. I was originally assuming that we wouldn't go with him because he'd said in his original e-mail that he was a barrista and planning on going back to school-neither of these things are reassuring when it comes to rents in Mountain View. However his dad came with him for the first part of the interview and mentioned that in shortfalls he would be covering the bills and that we shouldn't worry about that (I assume dad wants his son to be OUT so he can live again *laugh*)

But really, what one me over was the first thing he said after greeting us was "You have a lot of books!" in a tone that made it sound like this was a virtual wonderland to live in. I highly approve of such attitudes, as you might imagine ;-)

So, for the never ending birthday weekend post, part 3
Riddle me thisCollapse )
Sadly I have a lunch thing to go to now so the escape room and the rest of the day shall have to wait. If nothing else this is inspiring me to write more on lj than I have in ages!
Another weekend has come and gone resulting in...nothing much really. I'm definitely more fried that I am willing to admit to even myself. I spent most of the weekend playing puzzle quest marvel superheros and reading instead of doing things like, I don't know, laundry.

I did get most of the way through cleaning the storage unit in the process finding many, many comics that I'd forgotten about that were mostly in astonishingly good shape given they've been in a non-weather/vermin protected bowling bag for approximately eleventy-mumble years (I think it may even be perilously close to voting age, honestly) So they have been rehomed into a bit that actually seals and the temptation to go through them and read bits and pieces is high, though that requires finding space in my room for them instead of storage so...we shall see.

Other than that bike boy turned us down citing the room being small. He's been sufficiently high maintenance that I can't find it in myself to be too disappointed though I'm very tired of looking for a roommate and wincing at the additional expense for my roommate and I (Mostly my roommate, he's been very nice about covering the extra rent but it's not terribly fair to him. Need to figure out something awesome to do for him. We have another person coming tonight though I don't have terribly high hopes for him as he mentioned he's a barrista and...y'know, expensive. We'll see though. The search will have to be put on hold for a bit after him if he doesn't fit/take it because my roommate is going to New York for a week starting Wednesday.

I'm pondering going to a happy hour hosted by the gay and lesbian staff group this Wednesday myself. I've never gone and I don't know anybody so the idea is vaguely terrifying but I'm also in a rut with not meeting new people and think it would be nice to possibly meet someone interesting. Which, I doubt, but you never know. Perhaps more on that later.

And now, on to the fun bit. Part two of the birthday trip. I shall put it behind a cut because I've already babbled incessantly and it's going to be full of far more babble, I'm sure.

Puzzle huntCollapse )

Leaving it here for the moment as I have a meeting to go to in a minute. I'll try and wrap it up sometime today if I can.
So I've been wanting to post something longer for a couple of weeks now but my work deadline was definitely interfering (there were a number of 10-12 hour days in there. Granted I was working from home a lot more than is typical, which was nice, but I'm still pretty burnt out on the other side of the deadline (though not really on the other side of the deadline, more on that in a bit))

I just realized I nested parenthesis which I don't think is valid english but it amuses me so I'll let it stay.

So what's been going on aside from boring work deadlines?

Still haven't found a roommate. The bike guy has been given a "we need an answer by today" e-mail so there's still a possibility there though he's beginning to feel extremely high maintenance so I'm not sure how I really feel about him. However, the hope of getting someone in so that my roommate isn't covering yet another month of rent is minimal this late in the month if he doesn't take it.

But in better news, despite having to cancel my day off for my birthday and the Monday after a very good time was had on the southern Californian Disney and puzzle hunt adventure. I shall put this part behind a cut as I suspect it is likely to be long.

Off to Lala landCollapse )
I'm actually going to stop here for the moment as this is getting rather long and the puzzle hunt part promises to be even longer. I want to post before going to lunch as my luck the computer would crash and I'd lose everything I've already written :-)
Brief update.

Just had another roommate turn us down. Uncle died. Work sucks.

Anyone have a bed I can hide under?
Last night, exhausted from work, allergies and the fact that I'm not sure there's not been a single week in the last month where there wasn't horrible news about more people being shot I was playing a game where I make little dwarves dance to my will. As one does when they feel the need to pretend to be a benevolent god. Then my phone rang.

Looking at it I was unnerved to see it was from my mom's phone...now, mom doesn't call me. She never calls me. On major holidays and my birthday I have to call my mom instead of her calling me (incidentally she gets sad/upset if I don't call on those days without a prior excuse about why I can't call on my birthday. Mom...bit of a martyr complex as much as I love her ;-)

So she only calls when there's bad news.

Which there was. One of my uncles had fallen and hit his head. His wife, my favorite aunt growing up though we've drifted quite a bit apart these days, had been for the last few years working in San Jose while maintaining an apartment in Gilroy where my uncle was staying (he was a shut in who hadn't worked in years...the last time I visited them I saw neither hide nor hair of him for the six hours that I was at their house)

This meant he wasn't found for quite some time, had bleeding in his brain and, while in the hospital, is presumed to be only supported on life support now and even if he survives the removal of said support, likely to have sustained major brain damage.

So that happened. Apparently the police were very rude and unpleasant to my aunt about why she wasn't there when he fell. Because people don't need to, you know, work and stuff.

Anyway, I'm sad but not devastated by this although perhaps it will hit me later and I'll be more upset. In some ways it may be something that actually makes my aunt's life easier (which I sort of feel horrible for saying but it's how I feel a bit)

Today walking into work one of my colleagues, as the first thing she said to me, commented that I looked exhausted. Yes. Yes I am. I could greatly use time where I didn't have a single thing to worry about. This does not, however, appear to be on the horizon anytime soon.

In other news we have two more roommate interviews this evening after which I hope that we will be able to make a decision/secure someone to pay the third of the rent that I can't afford to really help pay.



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