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it's a start.

I planned to write a whole update here but instead ran out of time so have the starts of a painting where they no longer are creepily missing eyes and such. Long way to go on this one still but I'm picking up technique a bit again after a long time not painting with oils.

It's a start


The (Monster) Movie in my mind

I had a dream twice tonight about two large snakes, one a king cobra and one a very large asp, fighting in the backyard of the house I grew up in.

The first dream I mostly thought this was cool but the second time I had it we had a dog and I was trying to keep her from going outside and getting bitten. And then my mom decided to go poke at the doggy door and caught the attention of one of them which was about to come in when I woke up.

The last was patently ridiculous as my mom is terrified of snakes to the point of once she beheaded a six inch garter snake with a hoe because she was scared of it.

While this was impressive since who knew I was the son of Momnan the barbarian, I don't think she'd have been in any way, shape or form, be soliciting attention from a three foot snake.
I'm sure there are very Jungian meanings to this (I'd say Freudian but I'm pretty sure I know what Freud would assume snakes represent and I'm not at all scared of penis :-P) Likely it means I shouldn't have had that roasted garlic and pepperoni pizza for dinner. Or possibly that my subconscious is more worried about a certain inauguration happening today.

I still need to post about FC but given the second time I had the dream it woke me up and I seem to have acquired a sore throat over night I am going to finish this post, e-mail work that I'm not coming in because A) sore throat (though it may just be allergies) and B) We are currently having severe thunderstorm warnings and it's coming down like I should build an ark. I love walking in the rain and I'm enjoying the storm but possibly having a cold is not the time to be doing my Final Fantasy X impression by dodging lightning bolts. Especially since I won't acquire a cute but deadly plushy at the end of it.

Pondering joining the mass migration to dreamwidth but there are some very dear people here that I'd be worried about losing touch with if I did. Of course there are some very dear people I'm probably losing touch with if I don't too. Dilemmas.

Okay, e-mail to work and then back to bed.

Fairy land

My morning walk in today was rather like being in a fairy tale.
The walk through the enchanted forest:
Walk to work. It felt fairytale-ish this morning

To the wizard's tower:
Wizard's tower

Though I don't actually walk anywhere near the tower to get to work. The clouds were just cool.

It has, once again, been eleventy billion years since I posted. I think the problem is that I feel like I should post tons about what's going on then I get overwhelmed at the time it will take and never post at all.

So things that have been going on:
Just finished the winter break. It was mostly restful at least until Vegas anyway, which is a city designed to be the opposite of restful.

I did have a small christmas eve get together where I did not make small food choices. I made a kale, cranberry and sweet potato salad (surprisingly tasty though I think I'd have like to have broke up the kale with another green. I know it's trendy but I get tired of it), coq au vin, homemade pasta (only because I got the mixer attachements to make it from a lovely friend for Christmas and wanted to try them out), french onion soup and a lemon meringue pie.

I had a better time this year in Vegas than last year for New Years though there was one unfortunate fight with a friend about rooms that was frustrating but could have been worked out. All ended well though.

I did end up with a bit of a stomach flu on the day I was leaving, however, and having a stomach issue and needing to deal with a plane is not a fun place to be in. It was uneventful though and I managed to bum a ride from the same friend I had a fight with home so i didn't have to do the hour and change commute I would have had to do on my way home if I'd done it as originally planned. Promptly slept for fourteen hours.

I could have done without the last day before going back to work to be sick though it was admittedly a fairly mild version of stomach flu. Mostly consisted of being blargh and not even wanting to contemplate eating rather than reenactments of the pea soup exorcist scene, which is what it was the last time I had it.

Still wasn't feeling too hot yesterday but made it the whole day. Today, not too bad but still doing JUST fine on one granola bar and two jolly ranchers. Though I may just say to hell with it and get nachoes on the way home.

Other than that, FC is next week which means it's even closer than usual to the winter closure. Should be fun.

More importantly I'm going to be doing a speaking engagement with my boss at a conference in April. The conference will be in Hawaii. So yay? (aka yay for Hawaii, ? for why did I suggest doing this for the speaking thing)

Anyway, I'll try to be better about posting but I always say that, don't I?

All we know...

Been a bit again. Things are finally calming down a bit so here's a bit of a catch up post.

One of the major reasons I haven't posted for a bit is that I went on a work trip to San Antonio. It was a good trip. I fell in with a group of people from Rochester, New York that I spent most of the time when not in sessions with (Nick, Kate and Deb) Good times. Even got to go gay bar hopping one night. Amusing the one bar we actually had fun at the bartender spent much time horrifying Kate with a discussion of the hanky code.

Higlights (sort of) of the conference:
Sunday: Brunch with bottomless mimosas then taking the riverwalk taxi for the entire length of the ride, which took about three hours. It was pretty and we had a very amusing pilot who told lots of stories and offered to split her tips with us if we stayed on the boat because we kept waving at passing people and just generally being goofy. Also, Nick accidentally took a video that stars my crotch (he forgot it was recording and put the phone down...many giggles were had tracking the favorites on facebook once he posted it.)

Sunday night: They drove us 40 miles from the hotel to a ranch for the opening reception. BBQ for the food (of course). Music was WAY too loud, there were long horned cattle you could take your pictures with and fireworks. However, they pretty much kept us trapped there for the entire event and everyone I was with was twitchy after the first hour and a half. Much grumpy by the end.

Wednesday: Visit to market square before heading off to the airport. Restaurant below was there.

Pictures from the trip-We cut because we careCollapse )
I'm going to cut this off and start another post regarding what I've been up to since I got back (not much) since this is kind of long with the pictures.


A couple of photos

FullSizeRender (3)
A photo of a tree at the Halloween Haunt. I liked the way it looked with the lighting

This is a picture I mentioned a few months ago when we did the big photo hunt. We finally got a copy! This is the puzzle group with Tippi Hedren! Who was quite charming btw.
From the left:
Holden, Kiwa, Ian, Tippi, Ryan, me, David and Bill.

Spinning my wheels this morning

Not really getting traction on the whole work thing but I'm here and attempting to at least be pretty at my desk even if I'm not being particularly effective. Meetings begin in an hour and go for pretty much the rest of the day which is probably why I'm having a hard time focusing.

So I'm writing here instead. Aren't you lucky? ;-)

I am, hopefully, coming a bit out of a slump I've been in for what feels like forever...at least I managed to do some fairly major organizing in my bedroom this weekend, which is usually a sign that I am back with the coping...I always manage to stay ahead of the public areas, at least to some extent, because I'm used to having roommates that aren't really good with the cleaning to my standards but my room slides more and more into hell pit when I'm worn out or feeling down. For instance, my dresser had been broken for about a month and a half now and, other than removing the drawer, which was fairly difficult just because it had fallen off the rail, the fix took all of five minutes. And I knew it would when it broke in the first place. But I was vacationing in the land of not coping all the same.

There remains still a great deal to do since this most recently series of overwork and general blahs has been so long but there's at least a start.

I also started thinking twitchily about painting something which is an even better sign, honestly.

The rest of the weekend was pretty good though I missed the final Frolic party at The Stud because I'd already made other plans when they announced it would be the last. I hope they find another home soon because it's my one big social event...I love my friends but as half of them are scattered across the bay area and difficult to pin down to hang out it's good to have another outlet.

The plans that I did have, though, were something I had never done before-The Halloween Haunt at Great America.

I had a good time (and incidentally have a season pass now so I should try to go at least once or twice more) The new Mass Effect themed ride was pretty nifty.

I had apparently pulled a muscle doing push ups earlier in the day so some of the safety harnesses on the rollercoasters were unpleasantly painful.

The haunt itself was interesting. They had several mazes that you could go through (read: Haunted Houses) Most of them were amusing though not particularly scary. The Toy Factory was...not okay, scary dolls are scary. The corn maze was also moderately terrifying but it was mostly due to over use of fog machines. When you KNOW there are people in there meant to jump out at you and you can only see about a foot in front of you it's a bit nerve wracking.

So that was fun and full of bad food as these things usually are. I, amazingly, did not get sun burnt, largely by setting an annoying alarm on my phone to go off every 90 minutes to reapply.

Did get very wet on both the rapids ride (which we rode twice right when we got there.) Someone was basically the Hawkeye of the quarter water jets and nailed us. Eventually dried off only to go on the log ride. Btw, if you ever get into the log ride and the boat is already full of water? Just accept the fact you're going to get soaked.

Anyway, hope everyone is doing all awesome-ly and stuff.

I know, I suck.

I haven't posted in ages. This is almost entirely due to work (and being a little draggy/down lately for no discernible reason other than I kind of hate summer and work is still attempting to kill me.

Anyway, this work thing isn't likely to let up for the next two months or so...expect me to be scarce. I'm still trying to keep up with reading though.

Word of advice: While feeling needed is nice and all, allowing yourself to become the single point of failure in several very important processes? This way lies madness and the need to spend almost ten hours yesterday pretending I'm Deadpool and beating people up because I can't brain well enough to do anything else (admittedly this may have been partially because A) it was hot and B) I'd been to renfaire the day before and more than my share of alcohol was consumed)

As these things go...

Yesterday I went to see The New Mikado with my roommate (It's de-Japanese'd so that the problematic bits of it are mostly non-existent). It was pretty amusing. However, having had approximately three hours of sleep due to going to frolic (Had fun, left kind of early, danced a fair amount, was hit on about five minutes after walking in so slightly good for my ego though the guy in question was a social butterfly and promptly disappeared for the rest of the evening...which was fine)

Anyway, so the theater was hot, the overture very long and I started dozing off a bit in the first act, at least enough to have one of those quick dreams that one sometimes gets...or at least I do.

One of them was dreaming that I'd left a stove burner on and I needed to go home right now and turn it off.

I hadn't cooked anything that morning so I knew it wasn't true but I still had a nagging feeling that the stove was on.

Anyway, later...by the time I got home the feeling was gone and the stove was demonstratively NOT on so I probably would have forgotten it entirely. Except later I made a quesadilla with the stove, went in my room and ate it. Went back to wash the plate and noticed the stove seemed quite warm. Checked the burner. It was off. Splashed water on the burner. Immediate steam. Fiddled with the knob a bit. Couldn't get it to turn off even though the light wasn't staying on when the knob was in the off position. Finally ended up putting on an oven mitt and pulling the heating element out so that I could submit a fix request.

Anyway, one of those random coincidences/psychic flashes I guess. And an actually useful one though, dear universe, lottery numbers would be even better? Just in case you're wanting to help out again.

Very glad nothing awful happened as that could have been bad.

I don't think I posted last week. Did another room escape, this one was "The kingdom of cats" Nice to not have something so gritty, mostly it was puzzles instead of find the key. Highly enjoyed even though we just barely made it out because they gave us extra time

Other than that, new roommate moved in on Monday. He seems to be working out thus far. He's had a bit of relationship drama in the last week but he's not being unpleasant about it so I'm pretty impressed even if he's 19. Still need to have the chat with him about chores in the near future so we have some division of labor.

Okay, off to a meeting. The first of many today, I fear.

Just desserts

Lavender blueberry mousse for dessert tonight. I wanted to do rose blueberry but the thought didn't occur to me till too late to get rosewater.

The rest of the menu is:
Green salad
Chicken rolls stuffed with mushrooms, leeks, rosemary, lemon and monterey jack cheese in a madeira sauce
Roasted garlic mashed potatoes
Roasted broccoli.

ETA If I ever do make this with rose instead of lavender I should see if I can find some rose petals to candy as a garnish.


Aug. 2nd, 2016

We (95% sure) have a roommate!

He's said he's moving in but until the papers are signed I'm still a little twitchy. He is, unfortunately both straight and very young. Not that the straight part is a problem (obviously since we offered the room to him!) but it does mean some of the occasional shenanigans involving playing dance games in underwear and stuff may be awkward for him. These things don't happen often but they do happen. So we'll see how that goes. I suspect the more likely amusement factor would be that he has a girlfriend and she could conceivable walk in on such things *laugh*

The young is...not unexpected since only someone without a lot of stuff would take the room. I was originally assuming that we wouldn't go with him because he'd said in his original e-mail that he was a barrista and planning on going back to school-neither of these things are reassuring when it comes to rents in Mountain View. However his dad came with him for the first part of the interview and mentioned that in shortfalls he would be covering the bills and that we shouldn't worry about that (I assume dad wants his son to be OUT so he can live again *laugh*)

But really, what one me over was the first thing he said after greeting us was "You have a lot of books!" in a tone that made it sound like this was a virtual wonderland to live in. I highly approve of such attitudes, as you might imagine ;-)

So, for the never ending birthday weekend post, part 3
Riddle me thisCollapse )
Sadly I have a lunch thing to go to now so the escape room and the rest of the day shall have to wait. If nothing else this is inspiring me to write more on lj than I have in ages!



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